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Tchoukball Starter Kit
Tchoukball Starter Kit consists of 2 frames with nets complete strung, 1 instruction manual, 1 DVD and two size #1 Game balls and two size #0 Game balls. Tchoukball (pronounced "chukeball") is an indoor team sport designed to be accessible to anyone who can run, throw, or catch a ball. Although it rewards practice, strength and agility, it offers a setting in which people of all statures, ages, and levels of experience or physical ability can play as equals. Tchoukball is played by two twelve player teams. # TCHBALLS
50,400 points page 5

Sof'Tug Tug-of-War Rope - 50-ft.
100% cotton tug-of-war rope eliminates splinters and burns associated with manila ropes. Great for team building, gross motor development, and strength. Tag identifies the rope's center. Machine knotted at each end for durability. # PE07161E
26,725 points page 12

Supersafe Broomball
Senior indoor broomball set includes twelve 39 inch players sticks (6 orange, 6 yellow) with one 4 inch ball # SSB-S
21,050 points page 5

Soft Lacrosse Set - Sr.
Great team sport for Phys. Ed or rec. classes. Can be used indoors or outdoors 30 inch aluminum shaft with collapsible soft plastic head. Set includes 12 Sticks and 6 vinyl balls. # LAXSR
20,500 points page 5

Floor Hockey Set - Grades 7-10
Excel set with 10 - 45 inch poly-ribbed shaft with fiberglass tube players sticks, 2 goalies sticks, plus 2 pucks and 2 balls. (Grades 10+) # X90-G2
18,550 points page 5

Deluxe Bowling Set
Deluxe Bowling Set with 1 - 4 1/2 lb three hole ball, 10 - pins, set up sheet and score pads # CBS
15,200 points page 5

Floor Hockey Set - Grades 1-4
DOM Floor Hockey Set - Junior set with 10 x 36 inch poly-ribbed flexible players sticks; 2 goalie sticks plus 2 pucks and 2 balls. (Grades 1 to 4) # J40-G1
13,025 points page 5

Baseball Bases
Deluxe vinyl foam filled model, with one poly strap per base. # TBB733
8,850 points page 5

Social Skills Board Games
There are no right or wrong answers in these 6 unique board games. Players discuss solutions to socially challenging situations and decide upon the best action, encouraging all players to communicate and listen. The games target 6 important issues that students struggle with: morals, manners, empathy, friendship, showing emotions, and managing emotions. Grades 1-5 # 39070
6,545 points page 12

Indoor Soccer Ball
Official size and weight. Optic yellow felt cover. 2-ply butyl bladder. Handsewn 32-panel. Recommended for indoor use only. Size 5. # S100
4,450 points page 5

1 - 10 of 21

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