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Junior Game Set
Kids will love this collection of games, and so will your budget! Set of six games includes Hoppers® Jr., Scrabble® for Juniors, Monopoly® for Juniors, Sentence Game for Juniors, Clue Jr.™, and Pictionary Junior™. Ages 4-7 # 440422
19,500 points page 12

Sof'Tug Tug-of-War Rope - 50-ft.
100% cotton tug-of-war rope eliminates splinters and burns associated with manila ropes. Great for team building, gross motor development, and strength. Tag identifies the rope's center. Machine knotted at each end for durability. # PE07161E
14,500 points page 12

Bullies, Victims, & Bystanders
GR. 1+ An excellent new game designed to raise a child's awareness of bullying. Every incident card has been weighted based on the severity of the bullying so that children can see how harmful this behavior is. Children are encouraged to model good behavior on how to overcome bullying. Now, after a bullying incident, teachers can invite those involved to play the game together in an effort to understand what it is like to be bullied and how to prevent future incidences of bullying. Contains 1 gameborard, 54 playing cards, 6 pawns, and a die. # 443552
5,000 points page 12

Social Skills Board Games
There are no right or wrong answers in these 6 unique board games. Players discuss solutions to socially challenging situations and decide upon the best action, encouraging all players to communicate and listen. The games target 6 important issues that students struggle with: morals, manners, empathy, friendship, showing emotions, and managing emotions. Grades 1-5 # 39070
4,800 points page 12

The Game of Life
Age 9 and up. Pick a car, hop in. and take a spin to face life's many ups and downs! Land a great job, get married, and fill up your car with kids. Your goal is to dodge bad luck and make a buck. Along the way, earn Life Tiles by doing good deeds and helping your community. End up with the biggest fortune and you'll retire in style as a winner. For 2-6 players. # SB24729E
4,200 points page 12

Black Knight Badminton Racquet
The toughest badminton racquet on the market! Gauge of aluminum head is 42% thicker than standard. Shaft is 15% thicker than standard. Double Grip System: if the original grip wrap wears out, that grip wrap plus the underlying plastic can be removed. # BK180DG
2,550 points page 5

Map It! World Game
Players take turns placing randomly drawn location cards in the correct position around a given starting point. Is Bangkok north or south of Cancun? What about Mount Everest? Is it to the east or to the west of St. Petersburg? Get your bearings and try to outwit your disoriented opponents. Young minds and seasoned globetrotters alike can lose themselves in the fun of this great game of directions. Ages 10 Years + / 2-6 Players # 448469
2,550 points page 12

Badminton Shuttles Carlton Tournament (Doz)
Synthetic head, nylon skirt. Offers performance in three speeds (Med, Slow, Fast). 6 shuttles per tube. Colour: White # T800W
2,500 points page 5

Egg & Spoon Set
Six 13" unpainted spoons and 6 painted eggs. # P3165
2,100 points page 5

175 gram World Class Ultimate frisbee. # UL175
1,750 points page 5

1 - 10 of 12

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